An early opportunity to relearn the important principle of reading the manual.

I had installed one of the zones using a smoke detector, again a straight replacement for the old one. The manual said that it used a ‘normally closed’ relay which opened in an alarm or fault condition. So I wired it up (like the other sensors) to the alarm terminals.

For each zone there are two pairs of terminals – two marked ‘A’ for alarm sensing, and two marked ‘T’ for tamper returns. I had wired the detector up to the ‘A’ terminals, thinking ‘it’s a smoke alarm… why would it need a tamper circuit’. Also of course there are no tamper detectors in the smoke alarm anyway.

Cue a load of headscratching, as however I configured the detector in the software it always returned an alarm condition (it comes up as ‘active’). This is an issue because it stops the alarm setting and all I could do to start with was exclude it completely.

Eventually after a lot of searching I found a reference somewhere to using the ‘T’ terminal and this prompted me, finally, to read the manual. I found this:



One change of terminal later, and now everything works fine.

Life’s lessons learned once again

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