Texecom ComWifi – DIY

As outlined in previous posts I’m very interested in coming up with DIY or low-cost alternatives to the various Texecom communicators and accessories. I’ve been quite happy with my ComIP solution and my panel is connected to the wired network in the house. Since I bought mine Texecom have brought out a Wifi module, unsurprisingly named ‘ComWifi’:


This is sold significantly cheaper than the ComIP for some reason (about £50) even though it looks rather more complicated. Also, I do wonder slightly about the wisdom of mountinga Wifi module inside a metal box. Some enterprising ebayers have picked up on this as well and are selling custom enclosures:


I have heard from someone who has succeeded in building their own version of this, taking a big hint from the labelling on the official product – ‘USR-WIFI232-G2 UART to WiFi’. Sure enough this part can be obtained from the usual sources (Chinese sellers via eBay or other places) for little cost (about £7 although there do seem to be different versions out there).


The schematic above shows the G2 variant although there are others (including S and T) but I’m not quite sure what the differences are.

My correspondent has made this up into a board and installed it in the housing:

There is a certain amount of work needed to configure the module, which is done via a web interface:

Overall a very nice job!

There are similar such interfaces for wired ethernet as well, so you could do the ComIP DIY interface using one of these if you didn’t have a computer to hand to run ser2net on.

I’d be interested to hear of any other experiences.

11 thoughts on “Texecom ComWifi – DIY”

  1. That is encouraging, as its the same brand as the serial to ethernet I used I may try changing the installed module setting to COMWIFI instead of COMIP to see of it gets around the problem I had of losing wintex comms.

  2. hello again.can you please describe ethernet to ttl ????i am doing it now with raspberry pi runing serv2net and i thing that ethernet to ttl is better as a solution…

  3. if you can explain with more detail what have done with com wifi???
    this is a wifi module 5 volt in to a pcb with volt regulator (12 volt to 5 volt )???

  4. Yes I believe so – there are quite a few of these modules on ebay. They do need some work to configure but it is a neater solution to do it all in a single module.

  5. Yes I think so too. I have not tried this myself though, but there are plenty of ebay modules that should do it. Best thing to do is get hold of one and give it a try!

  6. So i can buy a wifi module like yours and with a volt module i can make one com wifi for my premier model. Is that right???

  7. Thanks for this post – it is really interesting!

    I’d like to connect my texecom system to my LAN and this single module setup looks nice. My alarm box is right next to a network switch so I was looking at USR-TCP232-T2 as the wired equivalent of the wifi version you referenced.

    Would I need anything else? From the other posts, it looks like the 3 pins of the serial connection are enough to power it and no other connections are needed, but I couldn’t tell from the picture of the actual installed setup if that was true. (I’m proficient at the ethernet/network side of it but the serial part is new to me so a bit of orientation would be very helpful!).


  8. I think that this unit would be fine, as it is as you say the wired equivalent. I have not used this myself as I am still using a software based solution. The power issue depends on the voltage the board runs at – there is a 12V supply on pin 1 of the serial connector, and so you may need a regulator or other electronics to reduce this if the board uses a different voltage. They are all different, mine all seem to need 5V or thereabouts. However as in other posts there are some tiny and very effective regulators out there now.

    On the picture you can see the red wire on pin 1 which is taking power although I am not quite sure if this board can take the 12V or if there is a converter inbetween.

    Hope that’s helpful, would be great to hear how you get on

  9. dear friend i don`t have sussece. i tried with hlk rm04 and did not work.
    i program the panel, wifi-serial and wintex, wen i tried conect with wintex have o god conection but stop in recive panel tipe and serial number. the green led on wintex still blinking until a error ocorrer.

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