Ricochet Firmware Update

I’ve just had a product bulletin from Texecom which has left me scratching my head a bit:

new firmware

This is obviously something to do with the forthcoming v4.0 firmware version for the Elite panels, and Texecom have already announced that they are releasing a range of other home automation devices which will form part of the Ricochet network. However this suggests that you won’t be able to use at least some of them unless you have the latest version of the Ricochet firmware.

The bulletin then says ominously “wireless expanders are not field-programmable” and so this would suggest that you will need a new expander if you are going to use the new gear. This is a pain, as they are quite expensive and presumably the hardware is exactly the same.

What isn’t clear is what happens if you have the panels which have the built in Ricochet (Premier Elite 48-W etc) – perhaps the wireless upgrade will be rolled in to the panel firmware?

It’s a pain for me as I have the 8XP-W expander and I don’t really fancy buying a new one. However I am hoping that this announcement means that we will see the v4 panel firmware released soon.


I’ve now got clarity on this – the expander firmware is not upgradeable and the -W panels with the integrated expander are the same. So unfortunately this will mean replacing either the expander or the whole panel if you want the new version. It appears that some of the new devices may still work with the older expanders but that remains to be seen.

8 thoughts on “Ricochet Firmware Update”

  1. I have two 48-w panels, one which i just received (friday) and if you check the PCB layout in the manual, you will see there is a Ricochet firmware flash port (it also says factory use only) which basically means, its the same dead end for me which is really pitty.

    Especially for me as i received a new unit on friday. I missed it by a couple of days probably.

  2. This can only be flashed by Texecom. It uses a different microprocessor flasher which is inherently more expensive and we don’t send out the firmware files. Check the box to see if it has the New Ricochet firmware sticker on it!

  3. Will Texecom be providing a upgrade or trade in service? I also recently purchased a wireless expander with the V4 firmware and future home automation in mind.. seems daft we cannot update such a security sensitive conponent of a alarm system.

  4. There’s been quite a discussion about this on the Texecom user forums, and it does seem clear that we won’t be able to upgrade the firmware either in the expanders or the integrated panels. This is a shame, although it does seem that the current version will support at least some of the new devices. I am hoping that we will get some details soon on what the new range is. It should be fairly easy to sell the old devices on ebay or similar, they do fetch decent prices and I’m sure many people will not need the new firmware version.

  5. Ah right, thanks. I do see that these upgrades are pretty uncommon, but it would be great in future if there could be an option for upgrading these units in situ. Maybe this could be considered in future hardware releases.

  6. That is bad luck! Maybe might be worth having a word with your supplier and see if they are willing to swap it out. Trouble is may take a while for the new units to filter down through the supply chain, and the v4 firmware hasn’t been released yet and neither have all the new devices.

  7. The limitation is depicted by the MSP430 chip in use.
    Check the Microprocessor in the Expander or between the Antennas.
    2755, or 2955 – the oldest is 2272 I have seen.
    This depends whether you can use the Wireless keypad.

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