Texecom Connect – still waiting…

It’s been a little whilst since the last post, but I have been waiting for there to be some devleopments with Texecom to write about. My system is working pretty well now and so I’m looking forward to more developments.

However looking back I’ve realised that it’s nearly a year since Texecom made their big announcement of ‘Texecom Connect’ with promise of integration with home automation and various other goodies. However since then things have largely gone quiet and there hasn’t been a firmware update for almost a year as well.

There is some evidence of stuff going on behind the scenes including the wireless firmware upgrade, and I’ve just heard of another one which is intended to support a wireless keypad. This sounds like an interesting development as there hasn’t been a new keypad for quite some time.

So I’m keeping fingers crossed that we will hear something soon. In the meantime I am working on my home automation gear with quite a few interesting things to talk about so will post about these soon.

8 thoughts on “Texecom Connect – still waiting…”

  1. The Wireless Keypads look good, as is something i’d find really useful. Unfortunately i’ve heard it’s only going to be compatible with the newer wireless expanders due too the need for different h/w. That’s a big shame as i won’t be able to afford that. I purchased my Texecom earlier this year thinking it was the all the latest gear and will stay current for a while. But this makes it feel outdated already.

  2. Yes I think you are right about this. In fact Texecom has announced a further ‘firmware upgrade’ for the Ricochet expanders specifically to support the new keypads. However as with the previous upgrade you can’t program it yourself and the only way to get it is to buy a new expander .

    They have now also published details of the new keypad. I’m a little disappointed in that it looks absolutely identical to the current ones but is battery powered and wireless. I was hoping that they might use this as an opportunity to update the design slightly but it seems not.

  3. Hi. Fantastic Blog that has help me tons. It’s people like you that make the Internet an awesome resource.

    Were you aware that v4 firmware was released last week?

  4. Thanks! I’m so pleased it’s been helpful, glad I can give something back after benefiting from many others.

    Yes I do know about the v4 release although I’ve not had a chance yet to do the upgrade. I need a bit of time during the day to deal with the inevitable noise… so hopefully in the next few days.

  5. What would happen if you flashed elite 48 fw to an elite 24? Would it still work, but without the extra outputs?

  6. I’m not sure why you’d want to do this – and I think you would run the risk of bricking your panel. So far as I am aware the two panels are the same in all but number of outputs so you wouldn’t gain anything by doing so. So I’d suggest stick to the Elite 24 firmware!

  7. For example, the elite 48 has 4 areas. If you have an existing 24, could flashing 48 fw be cheap way to upgrade?

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