Finally… v4.00 is here!

After over a year of waiting the day has finally come, and Texecom have released v4.00 of their firmware for all Premier Elite panels.

The highlights listed on the main website include a number of interesting items, being a new API for integration with other systems, support for the home automation products which Texecom themselves are going to produce and some more technical changes including improved network speed. There is also support for the ‘SmartCOM’ combination device which is not out yet but will apparently combine an expander with wifi and ethernet interface.

One specific item which is interesting is that all new panels will have a unique ID generated in the factory, and anyone with an older panel who upgrades will have an ID generated and written to the panel by Wintex after upgrading.

There is a detailed guide to the changes available here.

I now need to dust off the firmware upgrade board and get cracking! I will post my experiences. I’m looking forward to seeing the new hardware range which will go with this and also to see what can be done with the new API and integration capabilities.


4 thoughts on “Finally… v4.00 is here!”

  1. I’ll dig out my DIY firmware upgrade board and give it a shot too. Hoping I’ll be able to hook up the alarm to control Philips Hue bulbs etc.

    Interested to hear how you get on!

  2. There is a new command set used for control in respect of the “SmartCom” – If you are interested, email asking for the new connect protocol. You will have to sign a non-disclosure form, but can then use it to your hearts content.

    John G

  3. I’ve done mine at last as well. So far not noticed anything major but looking forward to seeing the new hardware and have seen a few interesting teases! What I would love to do is some integration with Fhem so I have requested the new protocol details and will see if I can manage enough perl to make it work.

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