Repairing a Sennheiser freePORT radio mic

The Sennheiser freePORT radio microphone was a very popular vocal mic, being inexpensive and good quality. It is very much at the budget end of the Sennheiser range and doesn’t have all the fancy features of the more expensive models but still does a solid job.


We have a couple of these at our church which we use for portable use and they get quite a lot of abuse. One of them recently broke so I had a look at it, always being keen to repair rather than replace. The handset had got bashed and there was no audio coming through.

One difficulty with these mics is that it’s not obvious how to get into them. The best place to start it by unscrewing the top of the handset to expose the capsule:


The problem here is pretty obvious, in that one of (very thin) wires which runs from the capsule into the body of the mic has broken off. So a repair should be a simple matter of resoldering it, although there is no slack available here so the whole wire needs to be replaced.

The next thing to do is to remove a screw in the battery compartment, and the collar at the top which fits on to the pop shield:


Then you have to remove the shiny black plastic piece which says ‘Sennheiser Freeport’ and covers the electronics. This is much easier if you remove the collar as well:


I ended up replacing both of the wires on the right hand side of the picture by desoldering them from the board and replacing them with new. The wires are very fine, and I used two cores from a burglar alarm cable which were the thinnest thing I could find. You have to thread them through the collar to get to the capsule. The black wire goes to the pad marked with a blue dot on the capsule. Once done it’s a fairly simple matter of putting it all back together again.

The other problem I have had with these mics is that the power connector on the receiver tends to get worn out. This is also dead easy to replace. So with relatively little effort you can keep this working in spite of some quite rough handling.


5 thoughts on “Repairing a Sennheiser freePORT radio mic”

  1. Hi there. I have the same issue with this microphone set. I had to replace all 3 wires in my unit as someone tried to pull it apart when it would not work and broke all the wires. My unit is still not working so I may have soldered the wires incorrectly. Is there any chance you are able to post more pictures for reference? I would greatly appreciate it. Cheers.

  2. Sure I will do so. I don’t have it in hand at the moment but I’ll get it in and take some more. Presumably it powers on ok?

  3. Yes. Powers on fine. I may have accidentally reversed the cables when I soldered replacements in. I will double check. After having a better look at the pictures you have provided, I can see the polarity they should be in. If that is correct I will have to assume the microphone itself is no longer functional. Cheers for the reply.


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