Ricochet Micro Contact

As described in a previous entry I’ve got a lot of interesting goodies to look at, and the first of these is a small magnetic contact switch which is suitable for mounting on a window or a door.

As promised I’ve set up a YouTube channel to support the blog, as especially for looking in detail at these items I thought it might be interesting to show them and talk a bit about them. This is a new thing for me and the audio is a bit rough but hopefully easily audible.

However I will continue to write about them as well and share my experiences.


The sensor is small and simple, and as shown in the photo in comes with instructions and fixings. They come in a range of colours to match various wooden or metal windows.

In operation it is very straightforward – it has a single button, and a coin cell battery. you can put the sensor into pairing mode by holding down the button and then setting the panel to search on a zone (I’ve shown the detail of this in the video). What’s quite nice is that even though the controls are very simple (one button) you can do quite a lot, and it has an RGB LED on it. When you insert the battery it goes into a test mode, which shows a green light when secure and a red light otherwise.

I’ve paired this up with the panel and it’s working fine – I do need to get in installed on a window now but I’m waiting for my kitchen to be finished. However, I think it’s a really nice sensor and much smaller and neater than some the other ones I’ve have seen. Only think to note is that it is only a contact sensor and does not do shock detection as well. There is a separate sensor for that and I’ll have a look at that in another post.

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