New Firmware for Elite & SmartCom

News broke today that there’s been another minor upgrade to the Premier Elite firmware, now sitting at v4.03. I’ve not seen any detailed release notes, but the email says it includes:

“…an update to improve functionality when using multiple communication devices, and improves the clarity of keypad notifications of low battery warnings from wireless devices. Premier Elite V4.03 firmware also includes additional functional enhancements and minor bug fixes”

So it does sound worthwhile and I’ll need to dust off the firmware upgrader hardware again. I’ll also see if I can find out a bit more info about the detail of the changes.

The other announcement concerns the SmartCom which has also had a minor upgrade to v1.03. This is much easier to upgrade and you can do it via the app which is a big step forward. Hopefully the next generation of Premier Elite panels will have a much easier (and less hair-raising) upgrade mechanism!

I’ve got a SmartCom in the box of goodies, which I really want to get installed and tested. I’ve been preoccupied with work (and hot weather) lately so I’ve not had the chance to get to it but I will hopefully have more time come the Autumn.

4 thoughts on “New Firmware for Elite & SmartCom”

  1. Hey, I ordered a smartcom from ebay and literally installed it in 15mins (yanked out the unreliable WiFi-com I had bought a few months ago). Install was a bit quicker than I was expecting as there was some timber to the right of the panel meaning no wall plugs or drilling required.
    If you’re already on a V4 panel firmware then it’s pretty easy. Like you I’ve found no details of what V4.03 entails and so intend to leave that as it’s not a pleasant experience to upgrade.
    Extremely disappointed however that there’s no IFTTT support or Google Assistant as I really wanted to have a simple recipe to turn off the heating / hot water when I arm the alarm.

  2. Thanks for this. Glad you got it installed so easily. I’ve got one in a box of Texecom goodies which I need to get installed. The support for other things is an issue though… I have done something similar but I used an Arduino connected to one of the programmable outputs to signal when the alarm was armed and have linked this with my heating control. I need to write some more about this.

  3. I’d also like to have IFTTT support, or a modern REST API / webhook support, but currently it looks like it’s just the low-level UDP / serial API, even with the SmartCom.

    I emailed Texecom support to ask if they could add support for outgoing webhooks to recipes (as an addition to the current email / push options), but they just responded to say that only smartplugs can be used in recipes, which wasn’t too helpful.

  4. Hmm yes. I think that Texecom have to stick fairly strictly to the professional line officially, although I know that they are quite happy to release the details of the APIs to individuals if you sign an NDA. You can still release the results. A chap a while ago wrote an integration with a Vera device which I used and it did work, although in the end I found the Vera too flaky to be much use.

    Have you seen all the API details? I would love to write an interface for FHEM or one of the other ‘broker’ HA systems as from there you can do pretty much anything. As per my other posts about FHEM I’ve used it to bring together a right mix of systems including Hue, Z-Wave, Wifi based (sonoff) and a few other odds and ends.

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