Micro Contact Installation

Following on from my review of the Micro Contact sensors and following the completion of my kitchen, I’ve now installed two of them on the back doors.

The new doors are made of wood (and were very expensive) so I was a little wary of drilling holes in them, but in the end I did because it seemed ridiculous to have the sensors only fixed on with sticky tape and I didn’t want them dropping off. The holes are only small and will always have some kind of sensor on them.

The results are really nice, the sensors are unobtrusive and blend in well. I wouldn’t have wanted anything any bigger really:

It does of course help that the doors are white and smooth!

I had one slight hiccup when commissioning them, in that I couldn’t get a reliable reading from them and in particular the tamper seemed to be activated all the time. in the end the solution was pretty obvious, in that they were simply too far from the Ricochet box and were therefore not providing reliable readings. The solution (which seems obvious now) was to put another Ricochet device (a PIR this time) roughly in the middle (which I will need in there anyway) to extend the mesh network. Once I’d done this the sensors worked fine.

The test mode was very helpful in making sure the magnets were correctly placed, and you can actually have quite a big gap between the sensor and the magnet and it will still work fine.

Overall I’m very satisfied with how this has worked out and I’d really recommend these if you want unobtrusive and low-profile sensors.

2 thoughts on “Micro Contact Installation”

  1. Hi

    Thanks for this post. They are somewhat larger than I was expecting given how they advertise these as being small, so very useful seeing them in situ. Luckily on our system the house already had wiring for a magnetic sensor on the back door which I reused for the Texecom with a new magnetic sensor (as the old one had gone cream with age), and I was able to add one to the front door as well concealing all the wiring. As we had new composite doors fitted I stuck them on with heavy duty double sided adhesive pads, and there is no weight to them anyway. I used the same pads on the last house for a wireless sensor and on trying to remove it years later it was stuck very well so I have no concerns with them falling off.

    Interested in the wireless accessories as at some point will want to alarm the garage which is separate to the house so difficult to hard wire.


  2. Yes I think I’m probably worrying too much about using sticky pads, as you say they are very light indeed. Having said that i’ve just had a PIR fall off the wall but I think this was because I stuck the pads over an old pad on the sensor and it didn’t stick properly.

    I’ve got a stack of other accessories to go through in the box, unfortunately life has taken over a bit lately and I’ve not had much time to post. I will try and get some more up soon.

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