Early Christmas presents from Texecom

Without a huge fanfare there have been quite a few very interesting developments and announcements from Texecom over the last few days.

The first is a new major firmware upgrade for Premier Elite panels to v5.00. There aren’t any release notes available as yet that I can see (although I will see what I can find out). There are also upgrades to Wintex (to v7.00) and to the SmartCom firmware (to v2.00).

These all sounds like quite significant upgrades and I’m looking forward to seeing what they add. I suspect that quite a lot of it is concerned with support for the new ‘Texecom Cloud’ service. This is aimed at professional installers and lets them manage a fleet of security systems from an online portal. It looks great although it is not of much interest for me given that I only have the one panel. Having said that, one of the interesting aspects is that you will apparently be able to upgrade the firmware over network remotely – so without the need for the flasher interface.

There has been a good deal of debate about this on the Texecom forums but it doesn’t appear that this will be available to DIY users which is a bit of a shame, although I can understand why.

The other major announcement is ‘TexecomPro‘ which is an app which give access to installation manuals, forums and various other information. This also looks useful (so long as it is kept up to date):


So good to see more developments. After a long break I’m hoping to get some time to write more about developments, although the first job is to get the panel upgraded and then go through the box of goodies a bit more.

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